In the morning...

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Have you ever woken up in the morning?
Sitting at the edge of your bed yawning
Wondering whether everything you see is just fleeting
Questioning everything you believe in

Well that is me right now
Can I ask you listening to join me now
No, Not somebody else but you, with the frown
Listening to me right now
How else are we supposed to grow?

In the morning when I wake and rise
All dressed up with confidence so high
Why do I toil to ascend social heights?
Why do I stand in church with hands raised high?

Is it to earn a pretty penny a day?
That I fast and pray
Pray ask myself,
ask yourself,
what is it that I crave?
Is it acceptance that in their heart, my name they will engrave?
Adore you till you are 6 feet in the grave

And if your work produces neither wealth or adoration
And the only thing to be born out of that is frustration
Disappointment when those ahead hit obstructions

Would you still believe what you believe?

Do you really believe that what you hold on to will give you peace.
Will satisfy you and keep you content no matter the situation till you leave
Well I can only tell you about me
And all that I have ever wanted
The wealth, the relationship the honor that I fancied
To be fulfilled in a life well lived.

In those times I lift my eyes to the skies
To see the stars and moon and the universe
To see for a second the wonders of creation even with the action of man so perverse.
And my heart can only sing How great thou art
But who has played this part
Who has measured and designed our reality like a work of art
How else can creation in all its awesomeness create awe and wonder in your heart

If it is without a purpose and intent.
Intent of the one who created this expanse and it’s content
It sings of his might and Holiness
His holiness that I shun with my sinfulness
And so I cannot enjoy properly all that he has created for my happiness

And it is true that such a being walked the life I should have
He lived, he died and he served so that abundant life I might have.
The perfect relationship and wealth in him he gave.

Not wealth that ends in this world but one that is in eternity
That is the truth of what I believe
I believe it because it is true
And so when I walk in what is true
I serve because he first served me
I love because he first loved me
I submit to his will because he submitted to the point of death for me.
Love and service is found hung on cross
Because the very essence of love is found on that cross
The son like the sun fills my heart with love like the beaches sand
Across the worlds shores so I can broadcast the truth of loves sound

And in that truth I have tasted his will
His perfect will.
And so When I wake up in the morning
Sitting on my bed yawning
Wondering If everything I see is fleeting
Questioning everything I believe in

I look to the truth
The truth that all will pass away
To give room for the permanent and satisfying
That in which I have my hope that is everlasting.
So I toil in joy everlasting
Seeking neither wealth or fame in my living
Reminding myself everyday what I am believing
That Jesus Christ truly in his hands my life in his keeping