Who we are

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Kaleidoscope is a network of artists who are on fire for the Gospel who seek to meet that need through combining all their expertise, talent and skills with the view of spreading the gospel of Christ and directly affecting our religiously charged culture. Kaleidoscope’s vision is to increase Christ centered, Bible centered teaching through the arts, including but not limited to music, drama and spoken word in our immediate communities, local churches and the country at large. Kaleidoscope mission is to teach Christ centered Biblical based truth through the Arts, this is music, drama, poetry, etc…These would be accomplished through the following objectives.

  1. To teach and promote Christ centered faithful systematic Bible study among our network of artistes
  2. To create a platform for Christian artists to use to further improve and hone their arts with the sole purpose of using it as a tool to reach our Ghanaian culture.
  3. To create a platform to enable Christian artists to use the tool that is art to teach the Bible, exhort Christians and spread the Good news of Jesus our Lord.
  4. To build Bible centered mindset among our networks and also equip them to serve in their local churches and communities in other to spread the gospel as far as we can.